Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioner

Regular maintenance and proper cleaning of the air conditioner helps not only in the machine’s lifetime, but also in avoiding costly mechanical damage, but also improves its quality, hygiene and performance, thereby also reducing energy consumption. Starting from the very simple and ending with the most specialized interventions, the maintenance process of the air conditioners must include:

Frequent cleaning on the grilles and fins of the internal machine to avoid dust accumulation there that is then transmitted to the space with the airflow
Surface cleaning with water (with the garden hose) of the outdoor unit

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A wide range of car accessories, accessories and all the information you need

It was enough to select the brand, model and type of car we are interested in, we selected the items we needed, choosing between brakes, suspensions, filters, motors, preheating candles, body parts, lights, glass cleaning and much more!

We then had a doubt about a replacement and we called them: they gave us all the necessary explanations, kindly and with great skill.

We wanted to know where the spare parts came from and they said they came directly from over 50 industry leaders.
Among the most popular items available: brake discs and pads, candles, wiper blades, shock absorbers, repair kits for various systems, control units, all that really can serve!

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Brilliant tip: what to wear?

At the moment, shiny clothes and various shiny accessories are an extremely trendy trend, but to the great regret, very few women really know how to combine, choose and carry such things. Every woman wants to look stylish, not funny and not to look like candy and to show in the best light, the author will try to give you some practical tips below.

The first thing to think about is what to emphasize with sequins. It is important that the shining peak (and we take it as an example) does not make you ugly. Emphasize this part of the figure that is most attractive. Say, if you have a lovely waist – do not put on a spacious top without emphasizing its belt.

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When choosing and using shoes, please follow the following rules

Choose the correct shoes in size and completeness, taking into account the age characteristics of the foot. When mounting, shoes should not cause a nuisance, the foot must not be compressed. Wrong choice of shoes involves a number of problems – the product is deformed, diverges seams, ruptures the skin, etc …
Use shoes with a special spoon or shoe horn to avoid deformation or backlash of the back.
Removing your shoes, you must first loosen the loops or buckle loosened, and then hold him in hand. Never remove your shoes while walking the back.

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Types of garage doors that are best to choose

To this day there are some of their main types:

Lifting and cutting.
Lifting and turning.
Double-wing swing.

Each of these species has its own nuances, which to some extent meet the needs of the car owners. They can provide additional comfort and equip the gate with lifting or sliding mechanisms designed for installation under any type. In order to understand the principles of use, the correct installation, functionality and characteristics of this list of species, you must understand them thoroughly.

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Top-3 Invalid mistakes of your image

The reality is that everyone wants to be in a trend, but, in fact, an amazing look – a unity. It is not a lack of taste, but a failure to follow simple rules. As a result, there are errors that allow most of the world’s fashions. Forewarned – means armed, pinching the TOP, dedicated to various fashionable mistakes.
3 common fashion mistakes
1. Wearing clothes in no time

Fashion clothing

It means something other than the year. Suppose that the peach chiffon dress in a flower is perfect for summer walks. All fashionable stores and units are now full. But in the winter it will look at you at least strange. And in this example, immediately 3 fashion mistakes: color, material and printing. Lightweight materials that flow, such as summer prints – mauvais for winter. With color, it’s also important to be cautious – some nuances also have a seasonal accessory. For example, leave the dark parts of your cabinet for winter and autumn. And not only that the dark colors attract the sun and therefore will not be particularly suited in the summer. Saturated and dark colors are the oldest in the autumn-winter season. Also, do not combine incongruent clothes with different seasons. Boots under a flowing skirt – a fashionable mistake on a global scale.
2. Wearing your clothes is not your size

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