Brilliant tip: what to wear?

At the moment, shiny clothes and various shiny accessories are an extremely trendy trend, but to the great regret, very few women really know how to combine, choose and carry such things. Every woman wants to look stylish, not funny and not to look like candy and to show in the best light, the author will try to give you some practical tips below.

The first thing to think about is what to emphasize with sequins. It is important that the shining peak (and we take it as an example) does not make you ugly. Emphasize this part of the figure that is most attractive. Say, if you have a lovely waist – do not put on a spacious top without emphasizing its belt.

How to wear a shiny top?

To find out what’s going on for you, just sit back and think. Usually the critical assessment of your own figure and elementary analytical skills is enough to find out which tip is best to wear. Of course, you also have to try and buying something without belonging is out of the question, but narrowing the scope of searches will make it easier for you.

Remember that sequins and irises (and garments in general) add a few pounds visually, and so not every girl can afford such clothes. If you are already inclined to fullness, it is worthwhile thinking about whether you should emphasize this. If you’re round, but you love sparks – get brilliant accessories and focus on them.

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