The seven best beauty tricks from the kitchen

The shelves of drugstores and supermarkets are full of alleged panaceas for our skin. However, many products contain harmful ingredients and are also usually expensive. Because it is worth looking in your own refrigerator. This is in fact a treasure trove of natural beauty agents. Together with a dermatologist, we have compiled the seven best kitchen ingredients for skin and hair.

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Reverse washing helps against hair plate

What woman does not wish to: a billowing mane. However, not every hair this wish fulfilled. Often the hairline is flat and the lengths lacks momentum. A tip for more abundance: The so-called “reverse washing”. The hairs are easily washed again backwards. We provide six tricks in front for more volume.

By reverse washing the hair looks lush

The advantage is that the shampoo to rich and herauswäscht adversely constituents of the mud again. Thus, the hair gets more volume and does not affect flattened. Another advantage: The flushing can be massaged into the entire hair and scalp. This provides the hair with moisture and conditions the scalp, without a short time threatens a greasy approach.

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