A wide range of car accessories, accessories and all the information you need

It was enough to select the brand, model and type of car we are interested in, we selected the items we needed, choosing between brakes, suspensions, filters, motors, preheating candles, body parts, lights, glass cleaning and much more!

We then had a doubt about a replacement and we called them: they gave us all the necessary explanations, kindly and with great skill.

We wanted to know where the spare parts came from and they said they came directly from over 50 industry leaders.
Among the most popular items available: brake discs and pads, candles, wiper blades, shock absorbers, repair kits for various systems, control units, all that really can serve!

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Different sizes of single wheels

The toothed wheel is one of the oldest technological tools in human history and remains an indispensable element of the mechanism of every car. The first toothed wheels were carved in wood and were used in the construction of wells and mills. Even antique engineers possessed the knowledge necessary to design conveyor systems. The gears were mainly used in the ports, in order to download heavy goods and armaments. A gear is called a system consisting of two or more toothed wheels, the teeth of which, moving, overlap.

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Buy spare parts

The French company Peugeot has been known in the automotive market for more than a hundred years. At the beginning of his successful company road enough for a long time produced bicycles. However, in parallel with these experts, we started to develop cars and spare parts. First of all, his design has nothing to do with the car, but over time Peugeot has achieved great success.

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Main parameters of brake pads

Probably, the most important parameter, which is first of all drawn to the selection of pads, is the operating temperature. It all depends on the material from which the pads are made, respectively, and the temperature will be different. Optimum operating temperature from +300 to 350 degrees Celsius for conventional cars.
As for expensive foreign cars or sports cars, it is better to put pads at which the operating temperature is from +800 to 900 degrees Celsius, but such types will begin to perform their functions only after warming up to a temperature of +100-200 degrees Celsius. This means that it is simply pointless to install such pads when driving on a city road, which is equivalent to throwing money into an urn. Also an important criterion is the coefficient of friction. If the brake pads do not get warm to the operating temperature, then the coefficient of friction will be worse, the pads will quickly erase. With standard pads, this ratio is 0.3-0.5. The larger the digit, the better will be the braking.

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Search by catalog number spare parts

Search the catalog Each catalog of original spare parts for your car is individually numbered. If you find it on the manufacturer’s or dealer’s website, in the future it can also be used to search for analogs or even used parts.
Search by code-tasting car

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Choose clothes healthy

Mums once used to Confection children’s clothes home from natural materials purchased because it was something specific tailoring each family. And long ago, people were writing history in too known him, that’s why ie is more than a coat, it is a story. Today, however, the lack of time, parents are forced to buy clothes. And if you still need to buy clothes, even to guard against synthetics and choose natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, silk.

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