Features of choosing schools with in-depth study of English

In addition to boarding schools, there are educational institutions working at universities. They are invited to read special subjects of teachers from sponsored universities, some additional profile disciplines are included in the schedule.

When choosing a particular school, pay attention, first of all, to the availability of licenses and accreditations. It is not superfluous to read reviews about the educational institution, visit it with a fact-finding visit, learn about the features of the curriculum and the subjects studied.

Which school to choose: private or public? The latter provide a good level of knowledge. But in classes where several dozen people study, it is difficult for teachers to assess the level of development of the program and the talents of each particular child. In contrast to them, private schools practice an individual approach. Cozy interior, comfort, ergonomic furniture, modern technical equipment, communication with native speakers of the studied language and study trips abroad – all this at times increases the efficiency and speed of studying, is inherent in private educational organizations.

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