For this, you must follow the following instructions

carefully comb hair and lightly hydrate them with mousse or sprinkle with a atomizer (so the yarns are easier to weave);
a thin comb (or fingers, if the child hates the combs) to lift the string and start weaving, grabbing the lock along the edges;

as a result of the spikelet should start at the temple, pass parallel to the bang, then make it slightly bent and end under the ear. The shoulder should be very careful, hold your fingers excessively with your fingers or fix it with a hair clip.
at mono will link the second bull from another temple.

Techniques can be diversified. For example, weave only one snake (more attached to the girls’ hair, not to small children) or to make a “snake tail”. In the second case, it is worth collecting the long hair in the queue, separate a small string and begin to knit the regular bobbin, adding some small rows. The fabric is not tightened, slightly lowering the liner. Make it with an elastic band and hide it in your hair.

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