How to muffle the brightness of the dress with sparkles?

The dress with sparkles is a catchy, eye-catching outfit, usually left for a special occasion. But if you feel comfortable in such a sparkling dress, there are ways to slightly muffle its brilliance. This is done not only to make you comfortable, but also to allow you to wear a dress with sparkles in the daytime, when it is not entirely appropriate. Choose the right dress and add it with restrained accessories to create a spectacular everyday ensemble.

Neutral colors

A bright red, bright pink or tangerine shiny dress will attract more attention than a similar dress with sparkles, but cream or black. Therefore, it is advisable to choose its low-key neutral color. In the evening, you can wear a black or dark blue dress, and in the afternoon it is better to give preference to light neutral tones. White, cream or beige dress with sparkles looks the least flashy, but you can pick up very light shades of pink and peach. Complete the ensemble with simple stud earrings or hanging earrings with rhinestones.

Casual style

If you want a dress with sparkles to look everyday, combine it with accessories of the appropriate style. Denim fabric refers specifically to such materials, it effectively muffles the shine of the dress. Put on your jeans jacket and suede boots to your knees, and you will have a fairly calm ensemble, suitable for lunch with friends. Jeans shirt is also suitable, throw it over a shiny dress and tie the floors at the waist with a coquettish knot. Ornaments choose simple, for example, metal earrings-rings or wide bracelets.

Business style

If you work in the office, to give a dress with sparkles an exquisite business look will help the blazer from your favorite costume. Supplement this feminine professional ensemble with leather heels or knee-high boots and simple stud earrings. Instead of a jacket it is possible to put on a simple fitted cardigan of neutral color – also a stylish combination, suitable in the office.

With pantyhose

In autumn and winter wear a shiny dress pantyhose, they will give him a style of kazhual. Choose textured pantyhose of dark neutral color: black, dark gray, chocolate brown or dark blue. Instead of shoes with heels, put on ballet shoes, shoes or losers.

If the dress is short, you can even wear it as a tunic, combining with dark leggings. Throw on top a leather jacket or a large “infinite” scarf of large mating and put on boots or shoes without a heel for the everyday ensemble.

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