Lively and course: Parquet & Laminate

Parquet and laminate flooring fascinated by their natural, expressive appearance and are very popular – not only in living rooms, bedrooms or children’s rooms. Also in the kitchen and bathroom to its prevalence is growing wood flooring. But how does one recognize a high product quality with parquet and laminate flooring? What should you look for when buying? And what’s better: parquet or laminate? We ask for, the product manager of Haro, Klaus Trautner:

Mr. Trautner which differ parquet and laminate?
Trautner: Parquet is through and through from the natural raw material wood. It is a natural product, each board is unique. Parquet Its longevity and naturalness. Although there is also laminate floor at about 90% of wood, but visible above is a typically, depending on the quality and manufacturing process elaborately printed paper. This allows for an active work on the design in laminate flooring. The so-called decorative layer is protected by a wear-resistant overlay or sometimes by a paint job and laminated to a support plate. This construction makes laminate flooring particularly resistant and easy to clean. Did you know that to buy by far the most laminate flooring in wood design?

What to look for when buying a parquet or laminate flooring?
Trautner: First of all you should think in advance where the soil is used. Basically, the stress defines the bottom. If the room is very busy, such as a hallway or less as in the bedroom. For wood flooring you should pay attention on the one hand the build quality of Edelholznutzschicht. On the quality promise of a well-known brand manufacturer here is certainly more reliance than on no-name products. The sorting quality and the technical processing as accurate milling or the composition of the middle layer, are also essential for the quality of parquet.

Here are distinguished particularly from manufacturers who have a lot of experience and expertise: Exact processing and a consistent reliable quality ensure simple, precise installation and a long service life of the floor. The warranty on parquet flooring – in the case of Haro up to 30 years – speaks safe for themselves. Another feature to which one should pay attention with regard to appearance, but especially in terms of quality, is the surface. Here you can usually choose between a sealed or an oiled surface.

A good laminate floor can be seen among others in the qualitative execution of the decoration. He also distinguished by a high durability, an appropriate abrasion resistance and a low sensitivity to moisture. Not only for professionals but also for the experienced handyman is also the laying system important.

Are parquet and laminate suitable for any room – even for bathroom or kitchen?

Trautner: Basically a range of applications in the field of so-called barefoot and wellness areas are conceivable, such as bathrooms, sauna areas and much more..

But because some special considerations, in dealing with wet rooms, we recommend for the bathroom only our special spa floor that has been glued down and oiled site-oiled after installation with Haro SPA Oil Natura. Due to the natural swelling behavior of wood is not suitable for pure wet areas (for example in the shower), standing water should be avoided or wipe up immediately. The humidity should be maintained by constant supply of fresh air below 70%.

For the kitchen, both hardwood and laminate floors are suitable depending on the individual claim. But again from a functional perspective, the soil must be protected from standing water. Overall, the theme of kitchens and cooking is a hot topic of our time; the kitchen is when the modern facilities is remembered, made increasingly open and increasingly becoming the communication space. Thus here also aesthetic aspects naturally play an increasingly important role as communication rooms indeed have representative character. Just from this point of parquet is simply an unbeatable product.

Modern White, country-style or fine décor – which design trends give on the floor at the moment the tone?

Trautner: We have identified several trends in floor coverings: The All in White is also in the coming year clearly recognizable. Gradually coming are different shades of gray. Furthermore, the trend is dark woods. In this connection, we would like to raise the issue of “tropical timber replacement” of Haro. Haro offers a wide range of European species with which can now realize the full range of colors from light to dark.

But not only color themes determine the living trends. Also awareness, to eat healthy and to make his life around natural and “healthy living” to, is getting stronger. This movement, which is now almost any of us relates in some form, has arrived even at the bottoms. With us we frame this by the term Natural expression. Floors with vibrant structures with Astanteilen and rustic look, even aged partly artificial, are in high demand. In the coming year we will present the way natural oiled planks, so to speak, bring with her appearance and feel nature indoors. If you take all these aspects together, oak is the wood, the most broadly covers all these trends and therefore currently also unchallenged occupies the position of the world’s most popular type of wood on wood floors.

What is the difference between hardwood floors and multilayer parquet?

Trautner: As the name implies, multi-layer parquet consists of several layers. Haro parquet consists of a backing veneer Softwood, a middle layer of a middle layer of solid spruce wood chopsticks and a Edelholznutzschicht. Multilayered Flooring is technically, sure the better product. It is dimensionally stable, can be laid easily, the sorting quality can be controlled better and the swelling and shrinkage it runs the hardwood floors from the rank. Since only the top layer of fine wood is, this variant of the wood floor is resources. The argument multilayer parquet can not grind it, is wrong. In Haro Parquet this is depending on the product, up to three times possible.

What do you say to the assertion, parquet and laminate have less homely character as a carpet?

Trautner First proves the market development that carpeting loses years of shares, the demand for parquet and laminate flooring, however increases. Secondly, also speaks of the desire for natural ecological living for parquet and laminate. The natural product wood in your own home creates with his natural charisma a nice, comfortable environment that is second to none in my opinion. Take a look our interior photos. And allergies can breathe in parquet and laminate flooring: dust mites & Co. have no chance.

Is there any room décor for royalty parquet floor? And how does one find his own?

Trautner: The natural material wood is so changeable that it adapts to any style or this, if desired, underlines. We Haro also why such a wide parquet range – more than 200 items – thus the appropriate ground can be found for almost any interior style. Individually way, are the bases of the “parkettmanufaktur”. Here almost nothing to be desired. For example planks with handgeschroppter surface. But even so, are not yet exhausted the possibilities of the convertible material timber. With Celenio we have created by Haro a tile made of wood, the brand new room designs creates with textures of stone, slate, leather or textile material. while the issue is crucial Always: I renew only the floor or the furniture.

As everyone finds “his” floor? Best you look at the different floors in reality at your local dealer at. Prefer a bright or a dark ground, I want a lively structure or to be more cautious, the structure Species like me, I want a single plank or maybe a ship’s bottom? These decisions must take itself every home builder and renovator. As a competent consultant is here the retailers happy to help. Lifestyle magazines or online portals such as Homesolute are safe here also be recommended to seek advice and suggestions.

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