Metal-free solid wood beds of wood country Manufaktur

For many years we have faced in our daily work with substandard, artificial and harmful to health materials such as chemical paints, formaldehyde impregnated chipboard etc. Based on the conviction that renewable, natural raw materials are better for our environment and our future, we first started, privately confront us with solid wood products without chemical finishing.

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Transmissions, axles and auxiliary devices in tractors

Tractor transmission have generally have significantly more gear ratios, as it is common with persons or trucks. The on the market extremes ranging from eight forward and four reverse speeds up to 72 forward and reverse gears. To operate several levers are usually available, some of which also have other electrical switch for selecting the switchable under load profiles (powershift) feature. For several years, also hydro-mechanical transmissions are available that enable independent of the engine speed and no power flow interruption continuously tractor speeds of 20 meters per hour to 60 km / h.

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Business fashion for women – styling tips

Business fashion for women can be elegant, but not too provocative: If you follow one or the other to do with your styling, then you will be accepted by the male counterparts as equal partner. In emphasizing your femininity, you have to give by no means. But there always comes down to the right level.
Business fashion for women: Not show too much skin

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The seven best beauty tricks from the kitchen

The shelves of drugstores and supermarkets are full of alleged panaceas for our skin. However, many products contain harmful ingredients and are also usually expensive. Because it is worth looking in your own refrigerator. This is in fact a treasure trove of natural beauty agents. Together with a dermatologist, we have compiled the seven best kitchen ingredients for skin and hair.

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Reverse washing helps against hair plate

What woman does not wish to: a billowing mane. However, not every hair this wish fulfilled. Often the hairline is flat and the lengths lacks momentum. A tip for more abundance: The so-called “reverse washing”. The hairs are easily washed again backwards. We provide six tricks in front for more volume.

By reverse washing the hair looks lush

The advantage is that the shampoo to rich and herauswäscht adversely constituents of the mud again. Thus, the hair gets more volume and does not affect flattened. Another advantage: The flushing can be massaged into the entire hair and scalp. This provides the hair with moisture and conditions the scalp, without a short time threatens a greasy approach.

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The new Mercedes E-class

The new Mercedes E-class is not even on the market as showing Schwaben already the first AMG version. Until the appearance of the top model Mercedes AMG E 63 the smaller E to keep 43 customers happy.
Mercedes-AMG E 43 with 401 hp

In the E-Class there thanks to a revised engine electronics and a boost pressure of 1.1 bar a small look-up, so that the 1.8-ton E produced 43 4matic 401 hp.

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Mercedes evaluates the CLA family

After the facelift of the A-Class is now following the Mercedes CLA. With great attention to detail and Limousine Shooting Brake are refreshed.

Mercedes CLA: Optical closer to the CLS

These details are sufficient to optically zoom zurücken something closer to the big brother Mercedes CLS, which now see the two body variants of the A-Class similar.

was also slightly revised the portfolio which is from 109 hp Mercedes CLA 180d to Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4matic enough, strengthened to 381 hp and 475 Nm of torque.

Another new feature is the Mercedes CLA 220 4MATIC, its 184-hp turbo gasoline engine is combined as standard with seven-speed dual-clutch and four-wheel drive.

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To hide the problem areas belly

The belly is the problem area number one for many women. Ironically, the little love handles is particularly difficult to come to grips with. However, with the right styling, you can conceal your problem area. To style your look slim.

Generally in the problem zone Belly: Too short or extremely tight tops are taboo. They bring the bacon merciless advantage and are therefore disadvantageous. The same is true for clothes: Skinny models you should simply avoid. Ideal are dresses that are most closely under the bust and further downwards. Also dresses in A-shape conceal the abdomen perfectly. Hide Colorful tunics under their loose drape a thing or Extra Pounds and stretch the figure optically.

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Fraudsters lure consumers on the phone in the event data

The cheap oil makes consumers in Germany currently much joy: only the fuel oil has been halved compared to autumn, 2014. Also electricity and gas were significantly cheaper. Yet still worth the change of his electricity or gas provider. The criminals use recently on the phone shamelessly.
Consumers should therefore phone call no personal data or bank account number. This also applies if they assume that they are connected with a reputable party. This is indicated by the Consumer Berlin.

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