Mercedes evaluates the CLA family

After the facelift of the A-Class is now following the Mercedes CLA. With great attention to detail and Limousine Shooting Brake are refreshed.

Mercedes CLA: Optical closer to the CLS

These details are sufficient to optically zoom zurücken something closer to the big brother Mercedes CLS, which now see the two body variants of the A-Class similar.

was also slightly revised the portfolio which is from 109 hp Mercedes CLA 180d to Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 4matic enough, strengthened to 381 hp and 475 Nm of torque.

Another new feature is the Mercedes CLA 220 4MATIC, its 184-hp turbo gasoline engine is combined as standard with seven-speed dual-clutch and four-wheel drive.

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To hide the problem areas belly

The belly is the problem area number one for many women. Ironically, the little love handles is particularly difficult to come to grips with. However, with the right styling, you can conceal your problem area. To style your look slim.

Generally in the problem zone Belly: Too short or extremely tight tops are taboo. They bring the bacon merciless advantage and are therefore disadvantageous. The same is true for clothes: Skinny models you should simply avoid. Ideal are dresses that are most closely under the bust and further downwards. Also dresses in A-shape conceal the abdomen perfectly. Hide Colorful tunics under their loose drape a thing or Extra Pounds and stretch the figure optically.

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Fraudsters lure consumers on the phone in the event data

The cheap oil makes consumers in Germany currently much joy: only the fuel oil has been halved compared to autumn, 2014. Also electricity and gas were significantly cheaper. Yet still worth the change of his electricity or gas provider. The criminals use recently on the phone shamelessly.
Consumers should therefore phone call no personal data or bank account number. This also applies if they assume that they are connected with a reputable party. This is indicated by the Consumer Berlin.

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Fighting power grid blackout crack billion mark

Renewable energies are further on the rise, but the expansion of electricity networks is lagging behind. 2015 has never had the network operators such interference, thus not go out the lights in Germany. The receipt obtain the consumer.
In the energy turnaround measures have led to the defense of a blackout last year to record a cost of about one billion euros. must pay the consumers about rising network charges, which are part of the electricity bill.

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Morocco opened huge solar park

At the edge of the Sahara in Morocco one of the largest solar farms in the world and the first in the country has been opened. The plant will cost a total of 3.5 billion euros and may initially as “Noor 1” generate electricity for 350,000 people – according to the final stage, it should be even 1.3 million.

Upcoming investments “Noor 2” and “Noor 3” to be the current plans According built 2016 and 2017th For “Noor 4” through the tender. “Noor 1” has a capacity of 160 megawatts and is designed to enable the country, according to Department of Energy, its carbon dioxide emissions by 240,000 tons per year.

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The lowest oil prices are history

Crude oil prices climb back. Also kicking off the new week saw continued upswing of the past few days. From a sustainable turnaround Although no one likes speak. But the lows of January will probably no longer be achieved. The time for heating oil purchases appears low.
On Monday, a barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent rose in price in the futures market to 40.31 US dollars. The price for a barrel of the American West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rose to $ 37.40. Both oil types listed just a few weeks well below 30 dollars, have so since then recovered by over 25 percent.

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These foods you should eat more often

Healthy eating should be neither complicated nor particularly exotic. Whether valuable vegetable oils, berries, green vegetables or fish – of some foods you may eat as much as you want. On the occasion of the day of healthy eating, we have 15 food collected that are considered especially nutritious.
An example is the Brussels sprouts. The green vegetables protects cells from damage caused by carcinogens. Harmful substances in food occur, for example, if meat or sausage are too dark roasted. These so-called “heterocyclic amines” are activated by endogenous enzymes, so they damage cells and cause cancer. Just before this process protects the sprouts.

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Seven Tips: How to eat your skin beautiful

“You are what you eat” is a saying. So simply can findings from nutritional science and everyday life by dermatologists to sum up. Because our skin needs no expensive skin creams and anti-aging gel, but compassionate care from the inside. And that’s easy.
The food we eat every day and drink, affects our skin. For important ingredients of the food – including proteins, vitamins, minerals and fat – enter the body via the blood to the skin and provide it. “Who feeds to one side, running the risk of getting skin problems,” warns Professor Christiane Bayerl. She is a specialist in skin and venereal diseases and director of the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at the Helios Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken in Wiesbaden.

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Мakes really beautiful What hair

The cosmetics industry holds for hair care provides many products not only shampoos, conditioners and treatments promise a bright and healthy mane. Also hairspray, foam and wax to provide besides the firming effect for a little extra care. But too much of it is not good either.
“If the hair we overdo it often” white skin and hair specialist Dr. Madeleine Schunter, the member of the Professional Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD) is. “Who does too much, risking the health of the scalp – and the worst case, may lead to hair loss.”

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Most store eggs wrong

Not just before Easter the local cuisine without eggs is unthinkable. Often, however, have grown up around the daily companions of our daily lives, many myths and half-truths: What’s with the red dot in the egg yolk to be? How superimposed one egg is best? And one may freeze them? We have investigated the most frequently asked questions to the egg.
How to store eggs?

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