These seats in the aircraft are convenient for all passengers

It’s no secret that in narrow-bodied aircraft with six seats in each row, it is the average seats that are most uncomfortable. The passenger sitting here on both sides is clamped tightly by the armrests, which he is forced to share with his neighbors, not being able to lean against the wall with the porthole or to stray into the passage.

Employees of the company Molon Labe Designs presented their vision of the design of aircraft seats, calling it “Side-Slip Seat”. They decided to move the middle place a little back, making it wider than the others and equipping with a lower landing. Thus, the passenger sitting in the chair, gets a little more than the original space.

In addition, the extreme seat was able to move to the middle, freeing up space in the passage during boarding on board. This will speed up the landing of passengers and greatly increase the convenience of accommodation in the cabin.

At the moment, the seats are tested for safety. Perhaps after obtaining all the necessary certificates Molon Labe Designs will be able to agree on the arrangement of several aircraft with their new development.

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