Types of garage doors that are best to choose

To this day there are some of their main types:

Lifting and cutting.
Lifting and turning.
Double-wing swing.

Each of these species has its own nuances, which to some extent meet the needs of the car owners. They can provide additional comfort and equip the gate with lifting or sliding mechanisms designed for installation under any type. In order to understand the principles of use, the correct installation, functionality and characteristics of this list of species, you must understand them thoroughly.

Lifting section
These gates have the appearance of a metal sign, which are connected by means of special loops in a single cloth. A single sheet of several panels can easily be moved upwards thanks to the lifting mechanism attached to the walls and ceiling of the room. The smooth opening of these doors is ensured by bearings and rubberized rollers on the connecting elements of the plates. With the help of these parts, the blade moves gently along the metal guides.

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