When choosing and using shoes, please follow the following rules

Choose the correct shoes in size and completeness, taking into account the age characteristics of the foot. When mounting, shoes should not cause a nuisance, the foot must not be compressed. Wrong choice of shoes involves a number of problems – the product is deformed, diverges seams, ruptures the skin, etc …
Use shoes with a special spoon or shoe horn to avoid deformation or backlash of the back.
Removing your shoes, you must first loosen the loops or buckle loosened, and then hold him in hand. Never remove your shoes while walking the back.

The shoe has a lock “lightning”: On complicated movement of the lock to return to its original position and try again slowly while loosening the fasteners required to lower the lock to the end, right to pick up shoes in fullness and obemniku tops; Timely repair of soles in shoes with a narrowed toe to prevent premature wear on the top of the material.
When using footwear, consider the season. Remember that shoes and shoes made of synthetic leather can not protect against moisture. In wet weather it is necessary to use water repellent preparations. The shoe sole shades shine with a special form of finishing “assembly”, a two-color effect of wear as well as of the skin with natural grained surface without coating the film when moisture can change color, which disappears when it’s full drying of footwear which is not a mistake.
Shoes made of synthetic, artificial and combined leather designed for use during spring and autumn, when the temperature during summer is not under 0º.
It is not allowed to wash shoes of any kind. By contamination, clean the surface of the shoes with a soft, damp cloth. Shoes should not be rubbed heavily, as the outer surface of the shoe material may be damaged.
Avoid contact with shoes, salts, alkalis, acids and other chemicals.
Drying the wet shoes should be at room temperature away from heaters or heat sources, while avoiding direct sunlight, after filling the coiled paper or inserting special tools (liners) to maintain the shape.

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